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The Daily Grind
A Cyc-o-path Loose in South America
A Motivational Book About Cycle Touring Through South America

A Book by Ranger Bob Bob Lutsky

"It is only going into the caverns of doubt that we can find truth and light."
Table Of Contents


A Guide to The Trip

The Daily Grind - Who Is Ranger Bob?

Part One

Chapter One - The Bus Through Ecuador
Chapter Two - A Bus Through Peru and Bolivia And A Ride On The Death Train
Chapter Three - The Cycling Begins: Do I Need A Visa For Brazil?!
Chapter Four - Paraguay: Heat, Bugs and Mate (Mah-Tay)
Chapter Five - North Eastern Argentina To Buenos Aires and Up Up and Away
Chapter Six - Tierra Del Fuego and The End Of The World

Part Two

Chapter Seven - Torres Del Paine National Park
Chapter Eight - Patagonia and The Monster
Chapter Nine - El Cheltin, Fitz Roy and The End Of The Monster

Part Three

Chapter Ten - Carreterra Austral (Southern Highway)
Chapter Eleven - The Island Of Chiloe and The Lake District
Chapter Twelve - Santiago and The Art Of Motorcycling
Chapter Thirteen - North From Santiago

Part Four

Chapter Fourteen - Atacama
Chapter Fifteen - Heading Into The Andes
Chapter Sixteen - Bolivia: Altiplano-Lapaz-Tiahuanaco
Chapter Seventeen - The Bolivian Jungle
Chapter Eighteen - Sorata and Lake Titicaca

Part Five

Chapter Nineteen - The Road To Cuzco
Chapter Twenty - Machu Pichu and The Road To Lima
Chapter Twenty-One - North From Lima
Chapter Twenty-Two - Ecuador: The Final Frontier
Chapter Twenty-Three - Malaria, Quito and The End Of The Road



Appendix I - Planning and Preparations
Appendix II - How To Take That First Cycling Trip
Appendix III - Various Distances
Appendix IV - Currency Values- Per U.S. Dollar 1998

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