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The Daily Grind
A Cyc-o-path Loose in South America
A Motivational Book About Cycle Touring Through South America

A Book by Ranger Bob Bob Lutsky

Appendix III

Various Distances


Flight from Ohio to Newark

400 miles

Flight from New York to Quito

3200 miles


Bus from Quito to Lima

1500 miles

Bus from Lima to La Paz Bolivia

1000 miles


Bike-bus-train Lapaz to Brazil boarder

1000 miles

Bike from Corumba to Foz de Iguacu falls

625 miles

Bike from falls to Encarnacion Paraguay

250 miles

Bike from Encarnacion to Rosario Argentina

625 miles


Bus from Rosario ot Buenos Aires

200 miles

Flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

2000 miles


Bike from Ushuaia to Porvenir

325 miles

Ferry to Punta Arenas

25 miles


Bike from PA. to Puerto Natales

150 miles

Bike from P.N. to Chile Chico (very slow going)

500 miles

Bike from C.C. to Puerto Montt (Carretarra Austral)

750 miles

Bike P.M. to Isle of Chiloe

150 miles

Bike Chiloe through Lake district to Los Angeles

450 miles


Bus from Los Angeles to Santiago

300 miles

Motorcycle to Vahpariso, Zapaflar, Los Andes


and all around middle Chile

1000 miles


Bike from Santiago to Arica Chile

1200 miles

Bike from Arica to La Paz Bolivia

350 miles

Bike Bolivian jungle to Copacabana (very difficult)

350 miles

Bike from Copacabana to Cuzco Peru

300 miles

Bike into Peruvian Jungle to Puerto Maldonado

300 miles


Fly private plane back to Cuzco

200 miles


Bike from Cuzco to Huancayo ( also very difficult)

700 miles

Bike from Huancayo to Lima

200 miles

Bike Lima-Huaras 250+Huaras to Trujillo

250+500 miles

Bike Trujillo to Tumbes Peru boarder of Ecuador

400 miles


Bike Tumbes to Banos, to Ambato Ecuador

400 miles


Bus Ambato to Quito

100 miles

Flight home to Newark

3,200 miles

Flight Newark to Toronto

400 miles


Total Bike

7,025 miles

Total Bus

4,150 miles

Total Train

450 miles

Total Motorcycle

1,000 miles

Total Plane

9,400 miles


Total Traveled

23,100 total miles


12,700 over-land miles


9,400 air miles

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