"Ranger Bob" Talks To Group
at Ford Nature Center

Quite a large crowd of 25 to 30 gathered Saturday, February 26, 2000 at Mill Creek Park's Ford Nature Center to hear "Ranger" Bob Lutsky talk about his cycle tour across South America. In addition to showing the crowd how self-sufficient he was and how he carried very little gear with him, he told us of how he met many friendly people, who often took him in and gave him "movie star" treatment.  He wrote a book about his exploits during his 10 month trek in South America, titled The Daily Grind.

Bob also told many interesting stories of other adventures he's had during trips across Canada, Europe, Iceland and the Caribbean Islands.  He amazed the group with a recounting of a time he cycled around the rim of and down into a volcano! Bob had many a story of his adventures on the open seas as well, as part of the crew of various sailing vessels, including that of Dennis Conner, America's World Cup Winner!

From corporate head hunter desk jockey, to Colorado ski instructor, to sailing crew member, to NYC bicycle courier, to Mardi Gras mask maker, to lone cycle traveler in foreign lands, to author and lecturer, Bob Lutsky has truly structured his life around his most favorite of quotes, "Life expands according to your willingness to go beyond the comfort zone and having the courage to leave the familiar."

- Jennifer Hanuschak


Bob introduces himself to the group.

Heavily into lecture mode!

Some of the gathered.

The necessaries that made the journey, too!

"Just where is Patagonia, anyway?"

The Bike that made it all the way!